how to improve baseball bat swing speed | baseball tips

After good hand-eye coordination, a powerful swing is a batter’s best friend… and a pitcher’s worst nightmare. If you are looking to add distance to your hits, you need to add speed to your swing. These three exercises can help you do just that:

For your legs: Barbell Squats

Your swing starts in the legs. Strengthening your legs will help you generate more power from the beginning of your swing. There is no better lower body strength-building exercise than the classic barbell squat. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, take a deep breath, and descend until your knees are at 90°. Keeping your back straight and your knees over your ankles, drive through your heels and stand back up. Repeat for three sets of eight reps.

For your obliques: Landmine Rotations

Your obliques are your side abdominal muscles, and are responsible for generating most of the rotational power needed in a swing. Landmine rotations are an excellent way to strengthen your obliques and improve bat speed. To perform a landmine rotation, insert an olympic barbell into a landmine (or place it against the corner of a wall to keep it in place). Hold the bar at shoulder height, with both arms extended. Rotate your midsection, lower the end of the barbell down to the outside of your hip, and aggressively rotate the weight to the other side of your body. Repeat for three sets of five reps for each side.

For your grip: Tennis Ball Squeezes

Good grip strength is important for controlling your bat throughout the swing. The easiest way to build a strong grip is through tennis ball squeezes. To perform this exercise, simply squeeze a tennis ball as hard as you can for ten seconds. Relax your grip, then repeat the exercise with your other hand. Do this five times for each hand. Alternatively, you can use a hand grip instead of a tennis ball.

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