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Girls Volleyball Instructional Class

This instructional based class is geared towards teaching and improving volleyball skills through developmental drills and game play.  Each week your child will: Participate in 25 minutes of skill development and put practice into action by playing a controlled 20 minute volleyball game focusing on learned skills.

Grades: 5th-7th- Fridays, 4:15pm-5pm

Session 1: 9/20/19-11/8/19

Session 2: 11/15/19-1/13/20

Session 3: 1/10/20-2/28/20

Session 4: 3/6/20-5/1/20

Grades: 8th-10th – Wednesdays or Thursdays 4:15pm-5pm

Session 1: 9/19/19-11/14/19 (Thursdays)

Session 2: 11/14/19-1/9/20 (Thursdays)

Session 3: 1/16/20-3/5/20 (Thursdays)

Session 4: 3/11/20-4/29/20 (Wednesdays)

Cost: $170 each session (Annual Membership Required)