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Insports is now offering personal training including individual and group training for all ages!  Our upstairs fitness area has dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX cables, bench presses & more! We have professional, certified trainers who specialize in all different areas including weight loss, sport specific training, team training, group training, individual training, Olympic weightlifting etc.

Personal Training & Small Group Training Available for All Ages

Did you know that we are offering personal training and small group training for all ages?  We have a group of very talented coaches who can get you in shape quickly and safely.  Each one has their own area of expertise and after your initial assessment, we will give you some to choose from so you have the best fit to make sure you are supported in reaching your fitness and/or sports goals!

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Youth Speed and Agility Classes

Back by popular demand, our new and improved Youth Speed & Agility Class- This program will focus on improving your child’s speed and agility through a focus on fundamental movement principles.  Through repeated repetitions and a variety of drills and skill training, your young athlete will learn how to become faster, quicker, and able to change direction better.  Come try a class for free today and learn from the best!

12 years old and under – Monday & Wednesday, 6 weeks – twice a week, 4:30p.m.-5:30p.m.

The athlete will be guided through the proper movement mechanics for speed. If the Athlete moves more efficiently, they will automatically become faster. Using mostly body weight exercises combined with hurdles and agility ladder, we will build a foundation for speed for your young athlete.

13 years old and older – Tuesday & Thursday, 6 weeks – twice a week, 4:30-5:30p.m.

The athlete will be guided through the proper movement mechanics for speed. If the Athlete moves more efficiently, they will automatically become faster. Using body weight exercises combined with hurdles and agility ladder, we will build a foundation for speed for your athlete. Weightlifting will be part of the instruction as we assume that a foundation of movement mechanics and strength has been already formed.




Summer Programs 

Speed and Agility

Work on run technique to exploit your potential for speed and decrease your risk of injury. Less of a conditioning class and more of a repetitive training class, our certified coaches will teach your athlete how to move more efficiently. The effect will be that your athlete will react more quickly, be faster and be able to change direction more efficiently. All things that will make your athlete perform better on the field.
Dates: TBD

Year-round athlete training

Each season we have training for male and female athletes .  Whether they are in-season, 6 weeks or 6 months prior to season, we have training programs for your athlete.  We use a combination of Olympic weightlifting and movement mechanics training insuring that the athletes we train are prepared for the season.  Prepared regarding performing at a high level as well as staying on the field; mitigating risk of injury.

*Customized workouts geared to your sport

*Small group training with individualized programs for each athlete

Fall – Prep for the following sports (Wrestling, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track, Swimming/Diving, Gymnastics, Skiing: In-Season training) Starting Week of September 10th through November 12th (10 weeks) 2 times per week for one hour Cost: $299

Winter – Prep for the following sports (Lax, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, Track & Field: In-season training) Start Week of January 8th ending week of March 12th (10 weeks) 2 times per week for one house Cost: $299

Spring – Prep for the following sports (General Strength and Conditioning for all Sports: In-season training) Starting Week of March 26th ending week of June 4th (10 weeks) 2 times per week for 1 hour Cost: $299

Return to Play

We work with multiple health professionals to support your athlete in recovering from injury to be able to get back on the field faster.  Our goal is to not only rehabilitate the injury, but to get the athlete performing better athletically than they have been, prior to injury.  We also make sure that we decrease their risk of future injury through our training methods – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!


Weekend Warrior Training

If you play soccer, softball, basketball, tennis, golf or ANY recreational activity you don’t need to train your body for it? As we get older, we need to warm-up and prepare with more intention than when we were younger.  We use the same training methods we use with our elite athletes when training our “Weekend Warriors” but with different volumes and intensities. So if you want to decrease your risk of injury and enhance your performance, get a few of your friends together and let’s prepare to have some fun!


Get ready to TORCH body fat.  Using both TRX and Kettlebells, we take you through an interval training program heavy on core work and burning body fat.  This hour-long class will teach you proper technique in the use of kettlebells and TRX.  We also will teach you proper warm-up and cool down.  This class is for advanced and beginners.

Boot Camp

Want to get fit fast? Join our boot camp!  We use tires, sleds, kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells, dumbells, ropes, rings, etc.  You will learn how to move better and to handle any situation life gives you.  A high-intensity class with a warm-up and cool-down.  This class is for advanced and beginners.


Meet Our Performance Center Director – Kevin Cleary 

Coach Cleary has been active in the fitness industry for over 25 years having owned fitness centers, personal training facilities and as a fitness director. He has presented at the National level on Movement mechanics, Speed and Agility and Olympics weightlifting for power production.  Coach Cleary has trained male and female All-American and All-State athletes in many sports including lacrosse, football, basketball, field hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming, wrestling etc.

Credentials: Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Certified to teach Physical Education in the State of Connecticut, CSCS*D-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Distinction from National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting Federation Club Coach

“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Insports Performance Center in delivering cutting edge training methodologies to area athletes.  We will provide sports coaches on all levels with professional, specific training for each individual sport.  Our goal is to support the sport coaches in being able to focus on teaching strategy and fundamentals of their particular sport, while knowing we will deliver an athlete ready to participate at the highest levels possible. Our philosophy is simple: teach, through repetition, proper movement patterns, “training the brain” to be in the best body position to produce power!  All of our athletes will be ready for their specific season; stronger, faster, more explosive and in condition, ready to dominate!” – Coach Cleary