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Open Play Policies

Insports will post times designated for Open Play every two weeks at the beginning of the week. There are no Open Play hours other than those designated by Insports. Please make sure to check the Open Play schedule or call ahead before coming in.

No one may enter any field or participate in any activity without signing an Insports’ waiver form. For players under 18-years-old, a parent or guardian signature is necessary.

All players must pay before they play. There will be no refunds. For adults and kids, Open Play is $10 for members and $20 for non-members. For those with family memberships, Open Play is $15 for two kids and $20 for 3 or more kids.

Adult Open Play is for players 18-years-old and older. For Youth Open Play, all kids 9-years-old and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

If you are currently playing in an adult league, your open play is free for the session.

Unsportsmanlike behavior will NOT be tolerated. Players disrespecting other players, coaches, spectators or Insports staff members will be penalized. Any players who physically or verbally fight will be automatically banned from Open Play and will be subject to review by the Insports Management Board.

Please be courteous to the facility and its members. Do not spit on the fields and courts. Do not use inappropriate language.

Open Play Collage