Camp Director – Zach Davidson

Zach is originally from Milford, CT.  He attended Jonathan Law High School where he played basketball and baseball.  He continues to play both sports today.  After high school, he received his undergraduate degree in Business Management from Southern Connecticut State University.  After completing his undergraduate, he went on to receive his Master’s in Sports Management from Liberty University.  He has been working at Insports for over three years now as the Youth and Family Programs Manager.  He loves being able to work with children and sports.  He also coaches baseball and girls basketball at Christian Heritage School in Trumbull, CT.

Assistant Director  – Isabel Federici

Isabel is 20 years old and grew up in Milford, CT.  She attended 5-12 grade at Christian Hertiage School in Trumbull and will be beginning her junior year at Evangel University this fall and continue to study nursing.  This is her fourth summer working as a camp counselor at Insports.  She loves working with kids because they are funny and a joy to be around!  One of her hobbies that she has recently found to be relaxing and rewarding is knitting.  A fact many people do not know about me, is that I attempted to play the flute in middle school; I even pretended to paly it when the time came for our school concerts.

Camp Counselor – Dylan Finer

Dylan is 22 years old and grew up in Hillsborough, NJ.  He just graduated from Syracuse University.  He has taught practicums, completed student teaching and worked multiple summer camps.  He thinks kids are exciting, energetic and fun.  It’s also a joy to learn and grow while working on fun activities and games.  He is a huge basketball, baseball and football fan.  He plays fantasy football and baseball.  He also enjoys writing and has written about the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team for Syracuse’s SB Nation fan site.

Camp Counselor – Noah Charleston

Noah is 24 years old and from Trumbull, CT.  He has a B.A. in Athletic Training from Messiah College.  From community service opportunities with New Life’s summer camps back in high school to working at the Summer Program over at Vertical Church in West Haven, working around kids has been a constant.  He thinks kids are impressionable, so the impact that one can have from investing in them can be pretty profound and tangible. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball.

Camp Counselor – Maddie Johnson

Maddie is 18 years old and from Shelton, CT.  She just graduated from St. Joe’s High School and will be going to Michigan State in the Fall.  She has had multiple babysitting jobs.  She loves working with kids, especially young kids because they always love to have fun and aren’t afraid to goof around.  She enjoys the idea of giving kids role models to look up too.  She loves sports and plays volleyball and basketball.  She also enjoys painting, drawing and crafts in her free time.

Camp Counselor – Silas Decker

Silas is 19 years old and from Newtown, CT.  He is currently a sophomore at UConn.  He has worked with kids through coaching soccer, refereeing, Unified sports and special Olympics and camps at the NYA last summer.  He loves working with kids because I know how important it is for them to have important role models in their lives, and it is really rewarding when you can teach them something or just see how much fun they are having.  He really likes fishing and riding his motorcycle.