work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. – Tim Notke
This well-known quote is attributed to a little-known high school
basketball coach, but was popularized by NBA superstar Kevin Durant.
The quote is simple, yet powerful and couldn’t be more true; every
great athlete has earned their place through hard work and
determination. If you are looking to take your game to the next
level, follow these 10 training tips.
  • Stay hydrated.
    Dehydration not only affects
    your performance on the field and in the gym, but it is bad for your
    general health. Athletes can battle dehydration by drinking at least
    8 glasses of water every day, with a sufficient amount coming during
    practices and games.
  • Have a balanced
    Whether you are looking
    to gain muscle or lose weight, your diet is as important as your
    training. Make sure to consume an ample amount of fruits and
    vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats from a variety of
  • Drink milk. As
    an athlete, milk should be your best friend. Milk is a great source
    of calcium, allowing you to develop strong, healthy bones. Its
    balance of protein and carbohydrates also makes it a great
    post-workout recovery drink.
  • Load up on carbs.
    Make sure to eat plenty of
    grains a day or two before your games. Carbohydrates such as rice,
    pasta, and breads are broken down by the body and stored as
    long-term energy, providing you with a boost when you need it most.
  • Meal timing. The
    timing of your meals is very important, especially in regards to
    your training. A quick snack before a workout can lift your energy
    levels, and eating a nutritious meal within an hour after training
    is the best way to boost your body’s recovery.
  • Have a goal and a
    Never start a training
    program without a goal; whether it is becoming bigger, stronger,
    faster, or slimmer. After you have established your goal, make a
    plan to get there. A good plan consists of not only your training
    schedule, but your diet too.
  • Always warm up.
    Warming up is the best thing
    you can do before physical activity. A proper warm up will improve
    flexibility, reduce your risk of injury, and prepare the body for
  • Quality over
    This is especially
    true with weight training; focus more on using strict form and less
    on the reps or weight you lift. It will not only help prevent
    training accidents and injuries, it will yield better results too.
  • Train for your
    There is no “one size
    fits all” training routine. If you are looking to improve in your
    sport, train specifically for that sport. For example, if you are
    training for basketball, you will need more than a weightlifting
    routine. For best results, incorporate things such as agility
    workouts, plyometrics, and dribbling/shooting drills.
  • Rest. Rest
    days are essential in order for your body to fully recoup. Two-a-day
    training every day of the week sounds great, but are you allowing
    yourself enough time to recover for your next workout?
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