Summer Clinic 2020 – New Guidelines & Safety Measures

**Please note that these are some of the major changes that will be implemented, but that this list is NOT all inclusive and is subject to change based upon State and Local Guidelines.**

  • Group sizes of no more than 10 campers.
    1. Each group of 10 campers will have LIMITED to no interaction with any other group of campers throughout the week.
    2. Activities will be in accordance with State guidelines, snack and lunch will be staggered and separated, etc.
    3. Each group of 10 kids will stay with the same counselor for the entire week.
  • Health Screenings.
  1. All campers will undergo daily health screenings.
  2. All Insports employees, staff, coaches, counselors and officials will undergo daily health screenings including no touch temperature checks.
  3. No camper or staff member will be allowed to enter Insports if they are not feeling well.
  • Enhanced cleaning measures.
    1. Enhance cleaning measures will be implemented THROUGHOUT the camp day with dedicated cleaning staff working all week.
    2. Cleaning of all equipment each time one group of 10 campers rotates to a different station to ensure clean equipment for each group that is coming in.
  • Enhanced hand washing/sanitizing measures.
    1. Insports will be installing multiple hand washing stations along with multiple hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the building.
    2. Groups will wash their hands each time they rotate from station to station, before and after eating, after using the bathroom, etc.
  • Updated camp Drop-Off and Pick-Up
    1. Each age group will have a different drop-off & pick-up location throughout the building to ensure limited contact with each other and large groups.