you been feeling slow and lethargic during your workouts? Exercising
with no energy is not only miserable, it actually hinders the
effectiveness of your workouts. For maximum performance, you need to
feel fueled up and ready to go. While a couple scoops of that
over-caffeinated preworkout supplement might give you a quick boost
of energy, a healthy snack 30-60 minutes before hitting the gym is a much better
people are so focused on what they should be eating after their
workouts, that they completely neglect preworkout nutrition. Eating
the right combination of food before exercising will give you more
energy and allow you to push harder during your workout. The
key words here are “the right combination
of food”; loading up on greasy chips or sugary soda won’t do you
any good.
what should you eat before you head to the gym? Ideally, you want to
take in about 20 grams of protein and 30 grams of slow-digesting
carbs, as these will keep your energy level high throughout the
entire workout.
know what you should eat? Here are three quick and easy recipes:
  • Greek Yogurt with
    One single-serving
    cup of Greek yogurt can contain over 15 grams of protein. The
    granola topping provides some extra carbs to get you through even
    the most grueling of workouts.
  • Oatmeal &
    If you work out in
    the morning, this meal is the perfect breakfast. Steel-cut oats are
    a great source of slow-digesting carbs, while the banana adds a
    healthy dose of potassium to prevent cramping.
  • Eggs & Toast.
    This is a winning combination
    for anyone looking to maximize their efforts in the gym. It has
    everything; slow-digesting carbs for long-lasting energy, healthy
    fats, and one of the best protein sources known to man – or woman.
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