are nothing new to the fitness world, but their popularity has
skyrocketed over the past decade. When done correctly, training with
a kettlebell can simultaneously improve your total body strength,
conditioning, stability, and balance.
these three kettlebell exercises and you will be well on your way to
the lean, toned body you have been looking for.

Exercise 1: Kettlebell

swing is the godfather of kettlebell exercises. It is a full body
workout which trains your hips, shoulders, and cardiovascular
endurance in one efficient movement. Here’s how to properly perform a
kettlebell swing:
  • Stand
    with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the kettlebell with
    both hands facing you.
  • Let
    your arms hang straight down and tighten the muscles in your back,
    keeping your chest out.
  • Tighten
    your core, slightly bend your knees, and bend over at the hips as
    you shift your bodyweight onto your heels. This is your starting
  • Drive
    through your heels and explode out with your hips, swinging the
    weight up until your arms are parallel to the floor and the
    kettlebell is at about eye level.
  • Let
    gravity swing the kettlebell back behind your legs, as you once
    again bend at the hips and shift the weight on to your heels. Repeat
    for 10-20 reps.


Exercise 2: Kettlebell

kettlebell snatch is a great exercise for athletes to improve their
explosiveness and build big, strong shoulders. It is a very technical
movement, so make sure you do it right:
  • Start
    in a partial squat position with your feet slightly wider than
    shoulder-width apart, gripping the kettlebell with one arm.
  • Allow
    your arm to hang straight down, so the kettlebell is between your
  • As
    quick as you can, drive through your heels and explode out of the
    squat position, bringing your arm up overhead.
  • As
    the kettlebell reaches your shoulders, rotate your hand so your palm
    is facing forward, and continue to drive the weight overhead.
  • At
    the top of the movement, you should be standing straight, with your
    arm raised straight over your head. Carefully lower the kettlebell
    to the starting position and repeat.


Exercise 3: Kettlebell
Push Press

push press is a great exercise that teaches athletes how to generate
their power from their lower body, and transfer it up the kinetic
chain to their upper body. It also strengthens the core and helps
improve stability and balance. Here are step-by-step instructions for
performing a kettlebell push press:
  • With
    your hand under your chin, hold the kettlebell at chest level with
    the weight resting on the outside of your arm.
  • Engage
    your body for the exercise by keeping your chest up, shoulders back,
    and elbows tight to the body.
  • Lower
    yourself into a quarter-squat and drive through your heels,
    exploding up and driving the kettlebell straight up over your head.
  • At
    the top of the movement, your biceps should be next to your ear with
    your wrists straight, not bent backwards. Carefully lower the weight
    to the starting position and repeat for desired number of reps.
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