young athletes, there are few things more nerve-racking and exciting
than game day. Games are the place where all of the hours you put in
during the offseason and practice come to life. Even though games
come and go and usually don’t matter in the long-run, one poor
performance can feel like the end of the world. Use the following
tips to get the most out of yourself each and every game.

Adequate Rest
properly rested is a key to high energy levels on game day. If you do
not get a sufficient amount of sleep, you will feel slow and
lethargic the next day. On the night before a game, try to get at
least eight hours of sleep, but don’t force it. If you can take a nap
a few hours before your game for some extra last-minute rest, that is
great too.
The day
before a game, load up on carbohydrates from pasta, rice, bread, etc.
Carbs are broken down and stored in your body to provide long-term
energy. This is important for all athletes, especially those whose
sports require a great amount of endurance; such as basketball or
soccer. It is also important to make sure you are properly hydrated
for the big day. Drink plenty of water the day before your game, the
day of your game, and during your game to avoid the side effects of
Visualize It
is a key part of game preparation for many of the world’s top
athletes. Picture yourself breaking a long run for a touchdown,
draining a three-pointer, or kicking the game-winning goal.
Envisioning different scenarios can help you react better in the
event that they arise during the game. The best time to do this is
while laying in bed the night before your game, on the bus ride to
the arena, or during pregame warm-ups.
Pregame Routines
everyone has a pregame routine of some kind. These routines can range
from simple to extremely complex and superstitious. Whether it is
stretching, listening to music, or putting your equipment on in the
same order, pregame routines help athletes develop a sense of
consistency and security.
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