Is your current workout routine leaving you unsatisfied? Even the
best programs won’t give you results if you don’t bring energy and
excitement to each workout. If you are tired of doing the same
old, boring, monotonous workouts, try switching it up.
Here are four rarely-used exercises that can spice up your workout,
strengthen rarely-used muscles, and improve your overall athleticism.


If you want to run faster, jump higher, and become more explosive,
you need to be doing plyometrics. By adding exercises such as box
jumps, drop jumps, and jump squats to your routine, you can increase
your explosiveness and take your athletic ability to the next level.


Unless you are into Crossfit, you have probably never done thrusters.
This exercise combines the front squat with a push press, allowing
you to work your legs, shoulders, and core with one efficient
movement. Holding a barbell in a typical front squat stance, descend to the bottom of the squat as normal. When you reach the top of
the movement, use the force generated from your legs to help your
arms propel the bar over your head. Lower back to your shoulders and


The face pull can be done using a cable station and targets your rear
deltoids. These muscles, located in your upper back, are essential
for good shoulder health, yet most workout programs neglect them. To
perform this exercise: attach a rope to a high pulley on a cable
station, grab the rope with your palms facing in, take a few steps
back so your arms are extended, and pull the rope towards your nose,
flaring your elbows out. Do 3 sets of 12 reps with a relatively light

Chin Ups

If you have ever done burpees, you know that it doesn’t take very
many to get your heart racing and the sweat pouring from your face.
Take traditional burpees to the next level by doing them in front
of a chin-up bar – at the top of your jump, grab the bar and perform a
chin up. Let go, land on the floor, and immediately transition into
your next burpee. In addition to great cardio, this exercise works
out your legs, chest, shoulders, and back.
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