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Bored with your workout program? We’ve all been there. Spicing things up doesn’t have to mean giving your routine a complete makeover – sometimes just one change can help freshen things up.

Here are four ways you can try to mix up your next workout:

Start Super Setting

Super sets provide added intensity, and can cut your workout time in half. To super set, perform two exercises back to back with little-to-no rest in between. For example, after finishing a set of dumbbell bench presses, immediately begin a set of dumbbell rows instead of resting.

Add a Functional Exercise

Functional exercises are designed to train muscles that you use in daily tasks at home, work, or in sports. Functional exercises can help improve your strength, speed, agility, balance, posture, coordination, and endurance.

Drop Sets

A drop set is when you perform an exercise, then reduce (or “drop”) the weight down and immediately do another set. Want to really feel the burn? Do this for three or four sets in a row without stopping.

End With a Circuit

Circuits are an efficient way to train many muscles, all while keeping your heart rate up. Simply pick a handful of exercises you would like to perform, and do them in order one set at a time. Complete the circuit three times at the end of every workout to burn extra calories.

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