the treadmill have you dreading your cardio routine? Not only are
treadmills boring and monotonous, they are bad for your joints –
particularly your knees. If running on the treadmill has you feeling
like a hamster on a wheel, try one of these five alternatives to
break your daily sweat.
5. Stair Climbing
climbing is not only great cardio, it is a good lower body workout
and helps shape your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Climbing stairs
can be done on a machine or outside, just find a local set of stadium
steps or bleachers. Make this workout even more challenging by
skipping every other step during your climb.
4. Spin Class
If you
are a fan of sweating, look no further than your gym’s spin class.
Spinning is more challenging than riding a normal stationary bike
because you have someone else dictating the tempo and intensity of
your workout. Not only does spinning burn more calories than running,
it is also a low-impact activity and better for your joints.
3. Jump Rope
is a reason why jumping rope is a staple in every boxer’s workout
routine. Not only does it get your heart racing, it is a good workout
for your calves, shoulders, and core. If you are new to jumping rope,
take it slow at first until you develop a steady rhythm, then turn it
into interval training – jump for two minutes, rest for one minute,
and repeat that five or six times.
2. Swimming
is a very underrated and overlooked full-body exercise that also
burns a considerable amount of calories. Nearly every muscle of the
body is worked when you swim – your core, lats, and shoulders to
name just a few. Swimming also helps build cardiovascular endurance
and is great for athletes who suffer from joint pain. For best
results, use different strokes to activate different muscle groups.
1. Play Sports
most enjoyable cardio of all – sports! Participating in sports not
only helps build your stamina, it is fun. Pick whichever sport you
find most enjoyable and go play! Some of the best sports to play for
cardio include soccer, basketball, and racquetball, but feel free to
play whatever you want, as long as you’re active.
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