All of
us who have played organized sports should know the value of warming
up before physical activity. A good warm up routine will get your
blood flowing and allow your muscles to contract and relax more
quickly. A proper warm up will also increase your range of motion,
boost muscular endurance, and reduce your risk for injury. Static
stretching is important, but these five dynamic exercises will help
add excitement and make your warm up more effective.
Jumping Jacks
doing these in middle school gym class? Truth is, jumping jacks are a
great dynamic warm up exercise that activates your legs and core,
while simultaneously raising your heart rate. If you don’t know how
to do a jumping jack, watch the video above.
Knees-to-Chest Run
“knees to chest” run, also called “high knees” involves
running while raising your knees as far up as possible, trying to
touch your chest with each stride. This is a good stretch for the
glutes and hamstrings. Focus on landing on the balls of your feet and
pumping your arms, don’t worry about speed.
This is
another dynamic warm up run that gets your blood pumping and
stretches out your legs – primarily your quadriceps. As you are
running, try to kick your heel up into your buttox; focus on the
stretch, not the speed.
Arm Circles
stretches are often overlooked, but are every bit as important as
lower-body stretches. Arm circles are a great way to limber up your
shoulder muscles, especially when a variety of arm angles and
directions are used. Start with your arms straight out and make small
circles with your fists before getting bigger and bigger. Move arms
forwards and backwards for an optimal stretch.
Jump Rope
rope is a full-body exercise that will get your heart racing and work
up a sweat in just a few minutes. Jumping rope for 3-5 minutes at a
brisk pace is all you need to get a good warm up because of all the
different muscles engaged during the movement. There is a reason jump
rope is a staple workout of the world’s best boxers and professional
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