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press, barbell squat, bicep curls – these are all common weight
room exercises which baseball players should not be
doing this spring. While these lifts are all great for putting on
big, bulky muscle, baseball players should be focusing on exercises
which build functional strength and explosiveness.
only is it essential to develop functional strength, but it is
important to correct the muscular imbalances naturally caused by the
sport. You are always swinging a bat from the same side, planting on
the same foot, and throwing with the same arm. Over time, this can
lead to strength imbalances in your quads, hamstrings, shoulders, and
back – all of which put you at higher risk of injury.
your on-field performance and stay healthy this season with these
five exercises:
Walking DB Lunges
a strong lower body is imperative to improving your hitting power.
Squats are widely considered the go-to lower body exercise, but they
put your shoulders in a compromised position, which already get
enough wear-and-tear over the course of the season. Save your
shoulders while still developing leg strength with these walking DB lunges.
Rotational Medicine Ball
players can get a lot of use from the medicine ball, but the
rotational throw is arguably the best exercise to improve your
hitting. When done correctly, the rotation of the throw very closely
mimics the swinging of a bat. Learn how to do the exercise here.
strong core makes baseball players quicker, stronger, and more
efficient with their movements. Planks are a simple bodyweight
exercise, but are a great way to build core strength. Click here to
learn how to properly perform a plank; once you get comfortable with
the exercise, add weights or an exercise ball to the equation to
really feel the burn.
Farmer’s Walk
key quality do all of baseball’s greatest power hitters have in
common? Great forearms. Big, powerful forearms are a key component to
blazing bat speed. Farmer’s walks are a great exercise for building
beefy forearms and traps, learn how to do them here.
Face Pulls
injuries are a common occurrence in baseball players, due to the high
stress that throwing a baseball places on your shoulder joint. One
way to help prevent this injury is by developing the weaker muscles
in your upper back and rear shoulders. Face pulls are a great way to
strengthen these often-neglected muscles and help correct muscular
imbalance, here is how to do them.
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