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Did you ever hear of the buddy system when you were in elementary school? Well, your teachers may have been onto something. Having a friend by your side isn’t just a good idea on field trips, it’s also beneficial at the gym. Here are five reasons to work out with a partner.

A workout partner holds you accountable.

It’s easy to find excuses to not go to the gym when you work out by yourself. You’re tired. You’ll go tomorrow. You are still sore from yesterdays workout. These excuses don’t work nearly as well when you have set plans with a workout buddy.

It provides friendly competition.

Most of us are a little bit competitive; working out with a partner can help bring out that side of you in order to maximize your workouts. Studies have shown that participants perform better when they are paired with a partner who is stronger than they are – a phenomenon known as the Kohler effect, or not wanting to be the weakest link.

You have someone to check your form.

Most gym-related injuries happen when you perform exercises with poor form. Your gym partner doesn’t need to be a physical trainer in order to point out some of your critical mistakes. A little bit of experience and a second set of eyes can go a long way towards injury prevention.

You always have a spotter.

Some exercises, such as the bench press (everyone’s favorite) are safest when performed with a spotter. In order to really push your body to the limits, having a spotter is necessary to make sure you don’t hurt yourself once your muscles tire out. Many of us feel awkward asking a stranger to spot us, so having a workout partner can eliminate this problem.

Your workouts will be more fun.

Let’s be honest – working out with a friend is much more fun than working out alone. You don’t have to be serious in order to get a serious workout. In fact, having fun at the gym will help keep things fresh and prevent you from burning out in the long run.

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