In today’s world, social media plays a role in the daily lives of many people – particularly teenagers and young adults. While the online worlds of Twitter and Facebook can help you meet new people and learn new things, social media is commonly used for the wrong reasons. If you are a high school student, especially an athlete who hopes to play in college, use the following tips to help you get the most out of your social media experience.

Do use social media as a tool.
For student athletes, social media can be used as a tool to help you accomplish your goals. When used correctly, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help you build your personal brand. Coaches, recruiters, and even college admissions offices can turn to social media to learn more about a candidate: make sure you aren’t sending them the wrong message.

Do NOT retweet or share anything you would not post yourself.
Even if your Twitter bio states, “RTs do not equal endorsements,” the fact of the matter is that they do. By retweeting something on Twitter or sharing a Facebook status, you are associating yourself with the content of that message. Do not share something posted by someone else that you wouldn’t post yourself.

Do think twice before posting anything.
If you were to take away one point from this article, this would be it. Before posting anything, ask yourself if you would want your mother to see it. If the answer is no, then don’t post it – plain and simple. Every tweet and Facebook status you post is a representation of yourself to the virtual public, so make sure you are representing yourself in the best way possible.

Do NOT post anything illegal.
This should go without saying, but this rule is broken thousands of times every day. Use of recreational drugs and alcohol should never be posted to your social media profile, even if your account is set to private. No matter what restrictions you think you have set on your account, know that your post can be seen by thousands of people. Once something is put on the internet, it is impossible to take off.

Do live your life. Do NOT tweet it.
As said in this article from USA Football, your Twitter feed should be a trailer of your life, not a movie. It isn’t necessary to update your feed 25+ times each day to inform your followers what song you are listening to, what you are eating, what you think about your science teacher, etc. Social media should provide a glimpse into your life, but don’t peel back the curtain too far.

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