Being a
parent is tough. Being a parent of an athlete is almost impossible.
As the home of Connecticut’s largest indoor turf field and a provider
of several youth programs, Insports Centers knows a thing or two
about child athletes. In addition to being a great source of exercise
and fun for your child, sports can be used to strengthen your
relationship with them. Here are five great tips that every athlete’s
parent should know.

Attend Your Child’s Games
and Support Them From the Stands
things mean more to a child than the on-field support of their loved
ones. As parents, you should make an effort to attend most of your
child’s games – whether they are home or away. While you are in the
stands, cheer them and their teammates on; it will go a long way.
Get To Know the Coach,
Other Players, and Their Parents
If you
attend your child’s practices, take a few minutes to stay after and
talk to the coach. A good relationship with your child’s coach is not
only important for the child, but for the parent as well. You want to
know that your kid is in good hands and build a supportive community.
While at the games, make an effort to talk to other parents as well.
This not only helps you form new relationships, but it can also make
the games more enjoyable.
Know When it is Time to
Step Back
can be hard for parents who are heavily invested in their kids’
athletic lives, but it is important to know your boundaries. The
child should be playing sports because they want to, not because you
want them to. They should never feel more pressure at home than they
do on the field.
Avoid Post-Game
Criticisms for 24 Hours
This is
especially important after a loss. For a full day after your child’s
game, you should avoid all types of criticism. As a parent, you play
an important role in the development of your offspring both on the
field and off of it, but criticizing their performance (no matter how
subtle or kind you may think you are being) directly after the game
is a sensitive topic.
Encourage a Balanced,
Healthy Lifestyle
in a sport is a great way for your child to stay active and is a good
step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. As a parent, you should
also promote other healthy habits, such as adequate rest (8 hours of
sleep every night), a balanced and nutritious diet, and getting
involved in other activities outside of sports.
As a
parent of your very own athlete, are there any other tips you think
are worth sharing? Let us know by tweeting at us or posting to our Facebook wall.