Are you
starting your journey into the big wide world of running? It seems
like a simple concept, just pick a direction and go, but there are a
couple things you should know first. Read through these five tips –
they will help you avoid injury and enjoy the sport more.

1. Shoes Matter

If you
are setting off on your first run, don’t do it in a pair of old
tennis shoes or cross trainers you bought several years ago.
Proper-fitting running shoes are key to avoiding injuries such as
shin splints and joint pain. Consult with a specialist at a running
store to find a pair that is right for you, and replace your shoes
every 300-500 miles.

2. Stretch It Out

If you
want to be a lifelong runner, it is important to keep your body loose
and limber. Your body doesn’t react well when you abruptly start and
stop your exercising. You should always warm up with a brisk walk or
dynamic stretches, and cool down by slowing your pace at the end of
your run or by doing five minutes of static stretches.

3. Run Against Traffic

you first start running, you may be inclined to run going with the
direction of the cars, but you should actually do the opposite.
Running against traffic actually increases your safety because you
can see oncoming vehicles, and get out of the way if they don’t see
you. In some areas, the law actually requires that you run against

4. Go At Your Own Pace

is a marathon, not a sprint. When you are first starting off, don’t
worry about how long it takes you to run a mile or when you will
compete in your first 5k. It is important for beginners to progress
at a pace that they are comfortable with, not push themselves beyond
their limits to meet some unattainable goal. This will not only help
you stay safe and healthy, it will make the sport more enjoyable.

5. Everyone Was a Beginner
At Some Point

easy for new runners to feel intimidated by others, especially in a
group or race environment. It is important to remember that every
single person, from the guy on the treadmill next to you to the
Olympic gold medalist, was a beginner at some point.
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