tips for a healthy halloween

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Haunted houses, creepy costumes, and of course – lots of candy! While the holiday is certainly fun for all ages, the over-indulgence of sweets can take its toll on our health if we aren’t careful.

Use these five tips from Insports Centers to make this Halloween a safe and healthy one.

• Wait to buy candy. Worried that having candy in the house will lead to the irresistible late-night sweet tooth? Curb temptation by waiting until the day of to buy your candy. Take it a step further by purchasing candy that you don’t like – crisis averted.

• Have a hearty dinner. Never trick-or-treat on an empty stomach. Make sure your entire family sits down for a well-balanced meal before embarking on their quest for candy. A belly full of food leaves less room for candy.

• Inspect all candy. Safety first. When your child comes home from trick-or-treating, empty their bags and inspect each individual piece of candy. Throw away anything that isn’t securely wrapped – better safe than sorry when it comes to your child’s well-being.

• Practice portion control. Kids often come home from trick-or-treating with a small fortune worth of candy bars. Instead of letting them binge eat these sweets, set boundaries on the amount that can be eaten each day. Just 100 extra calories per day can lead to a ten-pound weight gain over the course of a year.

• Get moving. We tend to eat a lot of calories on Halloween, but you can use the holiday as an opportunity to burn them too. Take a long walk around your neighborhood instead of driving from house to house while trick-or-treating. You can even use pedometers and make a challenge of who can walk the furthest.

Want more tips and tricks for a healthier Halloween? Check out this article from the American Heart Association.

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