school can be a tough time for the average student, let alone one who
is involved with sports. Trying to maintain good grades and fit in
all while discovering who you are is a lot to handle for a 14-18 year
old, and adding sports to the mix just complicates things further.
Here are 5 things every high school student-athlete should do in
order to make their experience the best that it can be.

1. | Be a student first.
Being a
student-athlete means being a student first and an athlete second.
Many high school athletes dream of one day competing professionally,
but the truth is that less than 1% of these players will see that
dream come true. High school sports are a great way to stay in shape,
make friends, and have fun, but maintaining good grades plays a
bigger role in getting admitted to college and finding a job after
2. | Get plenty of rest.
Life as
a high school student-athlete is busy, but it is not impossible.
School, sports, work, friends, and family all take up time in your
daily life, but it is important to set aside at least 8 hours every
night for some quality sleep. Keeping a healthy sleep schedule is
essential to your performance both in the classroom and on the field.
3. | Plan ahead.
how to plan your days and weeks ahead of time is a great skill to
develop while still in high school. Keep a weekly agenda in your
backpack and update it with homework assignments, projects, test
dates, and even sports games. Having your week laid out in front of
you will help you properly allocate your time and avoid late-night
cramming sessions the day before a test.
4. | Focus on what is
social environment of high school can be very distracting. Having a
social life is important for every child and is beneficial for
maintaining a healthy work-play balance in your life. However, you
should not put your social life in front of your academic or athletic
career. It is also important to be selective in who you associate
yourself with – their actions and behaviors reflect on you as well.
5. | Have a well-done
highlight video.
a highlight video to show college coaches and recruiters is a great
way to generate a buzz about your athletic abilities. Highlight tapes
should be between 3-5 minutes in length and include a screen with
your important information (name, grade, position, stats, accolades,
GPA, test scores etc.) at the beginning. The first clip should be
your best highlight, followed by your next-best, and so on. This is
important because college coaches will not always watch the full
tape, so making a strong first impression is vital. Send the
highlight tape to coaches and scouts via mail or electronically, and
ask your coach for help with this process.
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