If you
are like most high school athletes, you dream about taking your
talents to a bigger stage and competing at the collegiate level.
Unfortunately, only 10% of high school athletes go on to play in
college, with only one-third of them receiving athletic scholarships.
So what
can you do if you’re not the next LeBron James?
1. Be proactive.
number one mistake that high school athletes make is being too
passive in the recruiting process. Many think that the schools will
come to them, but the reality is that many coaches lack the time and
resources to sort through the millions of athletes across the country
playing your sport. Start reaching out to coaches during your
sophomore or junior year to let them know you are interested in
playing for them.
2. Do your research.
should handle the recruiting process as if you were conducting a job
search. Examine potential schools based on academics, athletics, and
personal preferences – IE campus size, proximity to home, etc.
Narrowing down your selection will help you focus your efforts on the
schools that you really like.

3. Meet all academic
year, talented athletes miss their chance to compete in the NCAA due
to academic reasons. This is more than just grades (although these
are very important too), it is about taking the right classes.
Believe it or not, the NCAA has core class requirements that you must
take before they let you register with them. Throughout your high
school career, work closely with your guidance counselor to make sure
that you are taking the right classes.
4. Register with the NCAA
Eligibility Center.
known as the NCAA Clearinghouse, registering with the Eligibility
Center is absolutely mandatory for all athletes. Don’t put this off;
register by your junior year to avoid missing out on your chance to
play collegiately. The process isn’t too difficult, all you need to
sign up is $50 and a social security number; click here to learn
5. Don’t give up!
As you
have probably learned throughout your sports career, things aren’t
always going to go your way. Just like in a game, you will face some
hard times; not every coach that you reach out to is going to have an
interest in you. Just put the negativity behind you, focus on your
goal, and keep the other tips in mind – you will be a college
athlete in no time!
thing that will help coaches develop a fondness for you is by
improving your game. Coaches love to see a player improve throughout
their career because it gives them an idea of their true potential.
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