obesity is quickly becoming an American pandemic. The number of obese
children ages 6-11 has doubled in the past 30 years and quadrupled in
the same time span for adolescents ages 12-19. While several factors
have contributed to this spike, much of it can be attributed to the
development of technology. With vast amounts of electronic
entertainment available at their fingertips, children are finding
ways to have fun on the couch. If this describes your child, use
these five tips to get them active and healthy!

Set Limits
If your
child’s sedentary lifestyle is due to television, video games, and
the internet; then limit how much time they spend on it. Many new
computers, tablets, and even video game consoles – such as the Xbox
One – offer a variety of parental control options; among them
include daily and weekly device time limits.
Plan Active Family
One way
to get your child active is to get the whole family active. Plan a
weekend hike at a local park; this will give your family time
together and promote physical activity at the same time. Other
options include family bike rides, post-dinner walks, or a backyard
game of badminton.
Plan Play-Dates
are often sedentary when left to the confides of their own home. Call
up a friend with a child of similar age and set up a play date; kids
are more likely to be active when they are with their friends than
when they are by themselves.
Buy Them Sports Equipment
your kid off the couch may involve a small financial investment, but
at least it is for a good cause. If your child says that they aren’t
active “because there’s nothing to do,” then give them something
to do. Something as simple as a new bike or a basketball hoop could
go a long way towards getting your child physically active.
Offer Incentives
bribing your child may not be the most righteous of these choices,
but it might be the most effective. Offering your child incentives
for being active is a great way to get them off of the couch. It
doesn’t have to be monetary offerings – take them out to get ice
cream or bring them to the movie they have been wanting to see.
Bonus Tip: Bring Them to
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