shows that playing sports can enhance your child’s quality of life.
Sports offer an abundance of benefits for anyone who participates in
them, and these extend beyond the physical perks. Getting involved
with sports at a young age can improve the social and academic
aspects of your child’s life as well. Here are some of the benefits
sports can bring children:

Physical Activity
and foremost, playing a youth sport is a way for your child to be
active. There are countless benefits of regular physical activity –
weight control, decreased risk for heart disease, and improved energy
to name a few. A child who is introduced to sports at a young age is
also more likely to live an active and healthy lifestyle as an adult.
Academic Success
have shown that children who participate in sports tend to be better
students. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – learning the value of
hard work on the field can easily be transitioned into the classroom.
In addition to higher grades and standardized test scores, athletes
also demonstrate higher attendance and lower dropout rates.
Social Development
can enhance your child’s social life as well. By joining a team, your
child will develop a sense of belongingness in a group. Many athletes
will tell you that the bonds they form with their teammates is closer
to family than friendship. Children involved in sports are also less
likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and use hard drugs.
Lifelong Lessons
Some of
the lessons your child will learn through sports can be taken with
them for the rest of their lives. The importance of teamwork is just
as essential in the classroom as it is on the field. They will also
develop their communication skills and learn the importance of
goal-setting and hard work. These traits will provide them with the
foundation necessary to become successful adults.
Having Fun
nothing else, sports are a way for kids to let loose and have fun.
Sports provide entertainment for your child in a way that the
television can’t.
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