Athletic Functional Movement Assessment

Insports is now offering appointments for an Athletic Functional Movement Assessment.  A.F.M.A provides a functional movement assessment to area athletes that will evaluate and quantify movement pattern quality and ability.  This assessment will consist of a series of simple tests with a grading system.  The test will demonstrate limitations or asymmetries in “healthy” individuals with respect to basic movement patterns and correlate them with outcomes that could include; referrals to orthopedic services for severe issues, referrals to strength and conditioning coaches or recommended exercises to improve mobility and strength.

The goal of the assessment is two-fold

  1. Reduce the athletes’ risk of injury

  2. Improve athlete’s performance

The tests place athletes of all ages in athletic positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate stability and mobility is not utilized.  Many athletes who perform at very high levels during activities are unable to perform the simple movements and will develop inefficient compensatory movement patterns during activities that will lead to poor bio-mechanics and eventually injury.

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Left Leg Stance Lumbar Analysis Lumbar Range of Motion Overhead Squat 2