insports 2s

Insports has always catered to young children through our youth development programs, and now we are taking it to the next level with Insports 2s; your local daycare and pre-K program all rolled into one.

Check out some basic information about our new early childhood development offering…

What is Insports 2s Program?

Insports 2s is a early child development program from children as young as two years old. The program aims to provide a nurturing environment for children that is geared towards play-centered learning. The program is primarily comprised of four parts:

Art: Explore colors, shapes, lines, patterns, and texture. Develop pre-writing and language skills.

Story: Exposure to a variety of genres, promote a love of books and reading, and taking turns to develop social skills.

Music: Singing, dancing, and instruments help encourage creativity and develop spacial awareness.

Gym: Develops coordination, cooperation, and motor skills.

When does the 2s program run?

Insports 2s will be held twice per week: either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, depending which option you sign up for. There will be four sessions (each with the option of Mon/Wed or Tue/Thurs) that run between September and May, with each session running for approximately two months each.

Insports 2s will be held from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM each day. Here is a sample schedule:

9:00: Drop off and table play

9:15: Circle time, welcome song, calendar, weather, instruments, story

9:30: Craft

9:50: Clean up

9:55: Gross motor play

10:20: Snack

10:35: Goodbye song

10:45: Pick up

After the session concludes, children are encouraged to join us for Wildcat Play, featuring inflatables, ride-ons, sports equipment, and more – absolutely free!

Each session is available for the low price of $175. For more information, including session dates and options, visit our website or give us a call at (203) 268-1214.