life of a student-athlete isn’t easy. Balancing academics, sports,
and your social life is enough to fluster even the most organized of
people. One common problem with student athletes is the lack of focus
they put on academics. Since most of us won’t go pro in our sport of
choice, school is going to take you as far in life as you let it; use
these tips to do well and go far.
  • Utilize your time on
    the road.
    As an athlete, you
    spend time on the road traveling to away games each week. This
    travel time is usually spent sleeping, talking with teammates, or
    listening to the pregame playlist on your iPod. If you have an exam
    coming up and you don’t feel fully prepared, use this time to get an
    extra study session in – flashcards and notebooks can easily be
    brought onto the bus and studied.
  • Make the most of
    school resources.
    Chances are,
    your school has a wealth of resources that you aren’t utilizing to
    the fullest. For example, the library offers a quiet,
    distraction-free environment to write, read, or study for a test. It
    is also home to books, databases, and other information sources
    which can be of help. Some schools also have writing centers, math
    centers, and one-on-one tutoring sessions to help struggling
  • Use study halls for
    When you look at
    your schedule and see “Study Hall”, you probably read it as
    “Free Time”. School study halls can be used to chat with friends
    or catch up on sleep, but they are better used for schoolwork; they
    provide you with valuable time in the middle of the day to catch up
    or even get ahead on homework, upcoming tests, or other assignments.

  • Get enough rest. As
    a student-athlete it is important that you are adequately-rested. A
    lack of sleep not only affects your performance on the field, but in
    the classroom too. Getting into the routine of going to bed earlier
    may be difficult at first, but you will soon realize that the extra
    energy the next day is worth turning off the TV for.
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