There are many misconceptions  associated with youth sports.  For starters, parents often think that in order for their child to succeed, they must participate on a travel team. Furthermore, parents worry that allowing a child to quit playing sports will set them up for a lifetime of quitting. We’re going to set the record straight! Getting children involved in sports, whether it be on an organized team or recreationally, has nothing but positive effects.  The following are reasons why every child should get involved in sports:

  1. Physical activity.  It is important that a child is active, and sports are a fun way to get them moving. Engaging in sports allows your child to step away from the television and exercise, thus keeping kids healthy and in shape.
  2. Social skills.  Participating in sports provides kids with the opportunity to develop social skills by working with other children their age, coaches, and even officials.  Team sports promote communication and leadership skills.
  3. Self esteem.  Playing sports is a great way to help boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence.  Consistent praise and encouragement from the coach and teammates will help them feel good about themselves.  Constructive criticism helps young athletes learn to use criticism to their benefit.
  4. Academic success.  Studies show that children who participate in sports excel in the classroom. The same dedication and work ethic that a child exudes on the athletic playing field can be applied to their studies.
  5. A healthy life. Getting a child involved in athletics at a young age instills a sense of importance and value on health and wellness.  This makes children more aware of their activity level.  Involvement in sports also helps promote healthy eating. Along with the encouragement of their parents and coaches, children will become aware of the necessary foods that need to be consumed in order to perform at an optimal level.

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