Summer is just around the corner, which means plenty of fun in the sun and beach tips for a lot of us. Don’t use your getaways as an excuse to skip your workouts – in fact, you can use them as a way to boost your workouts.

How? By running on the beach. Running in sand has proven to offer numerous benefits, such as the following:

Burn More Calories

One of the main reasons that most people run is to burn calories. Well, running in sand requires about one-and-a-half times more energy than running on pavement, meaning it burns about 50% more calories.

Lower Impact

Sand is a softer surface than pavement is, meaning it has a lower level of impact when you run on it. Not only does this translate to a more enjoyable experience for the runner, it also keeps their bones and joints healthy for future runs.

Train Different Muscles

The unstable surface of the sand works to stimulate muscles that don’t normally get trained while running on pavement. Due to the “give” in the sand, small stabilization muscles in your ankles and feet are recruited in order to keep your feet stable. This can help prevent muscular imbalances and injury.

Perfect Scenery

Would you rather go for another run around your block, or along the shore line with a beautiful ocean in the background? The answer seems pretty obvious to us.

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