anyone who has played organized team sports, the beginning of
practice was always the same. A few team laps, then right to the
stretching. No matter if you play football, soccer, basketball, or
anything else, practices always start with a stretching session.
Why? I
mean, if every coach from little league to the professionals
incorporates stretching in their practices, it’s got to be
beneficial, right?
truth is, stretching provides a variety of benefits; both on the
field and off. Some of the advantages of stretching include:
  • Enhanced range of
    Even if you don’t play
    sports, keeping a daily stretching routine can help prevent your
    muscles from tightening up and becoming inflexible.
  • Reduced risk of
    By increasing your
    flexibility, you are less likely to overextend your body’s joints,
    tendons, or muscles.
  • Improved blood flow.
    Stretching increases the blood
    supply to your muscles, allowing your body to deliver more essential
    nutrients through your blood stream.
  • Reduced muscular
    soreness and tension.
    such as your hamstrings, hip flexors, and quads are typically
    contracted throughout the day, which can cause lower back pain.
    Stretching these muscles daily can help alleviate pain and tension
    in your back and entire body.
  • Improved posture.
    Recent studies have shown that
    slow, static stretching can improve your muscular balance, and thus
    your resting posture.
  • Reduced mental
    Stretching is not only
    good for the body; it can also help relax your mind, reduce your
    stress, and improve your energy levels.
you begin stretching, your muscles should already be warm. If you are
stretching before physical activity, whether it is a sports game or a
weight training session, take a five minute jog to loosen your
muscles and increase the effectiveness of your stretching routine.
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