Though often neglected outside of gym classes, the pushup is one of the best exercises that we have at our disposal. They require no equipment, can be adapted for any fitness level, and endless modifications exist to meet just about any goal. Here are five of our favorite pushup variations that are guaranteed to kick your workout up a notch.

1.) Wide-Grip Pushup

Primary Goal: Stronger Chest
This is similar to a standard pushup, but with your hands 1-2 feet wider than shoulder width. This hand position intensifies the work on your chest and makes you less reliant on your shoulders and triceps.

2.) Narrow-Grip Pushup

Primary Goal: Bigger Triceps
The opposite of a wide-grip pushup, this variation is done with your hands only a few inches apart. Keep your elbows close to your body at all times to maximize triceps stimulation.

3.) Clapping Pushup

Primary Goal: Explosiveness
Clapping pushups are used in nearly every plyometrics workout because they are great for building explosiveness. As you are ascending to the top of the pushup, push off the ground as hard and as fast as you can. Clap your hands together in midair, catch yourself, and immediately begin descending for your next rep.

4.) 1.5 Pushup

Primary Goal: Time Under Tension
The traditional pushup goes something like this: up, down, up, down, repeat. The 1.5 pushup is more like: up, down, halfway up, down, repeat. Adding an extra half-pushup after every full one increases your muscle’s time under tension and maximizes potential for growth.

5.) Medicine Ball Pushup

Primary Goal: Improved Stability
Grab a small medicine ball and place your right hand on top of it. Complete a pushup, roll the ball to your left hand, and do a pushup with that hand elevated. This improves the range of motion of the exercise, as well as working your stabilization muscles more than traditional pushups.

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