Counselor In Training (CIT) Program 

The purpose of this program is to introduce kids to the workplace while preparing those who have a vested interest in becoming future Camp Counselors!  Candidates must have a love and passion of working with youth and act in a leadership role to set a positive example among the campers.  CITs will assist in several impactful ways during the camp day.  CITs will be demonstrating hand-on experience working in camp groups assisting in daily operations such as camp set ups and clean ups, camper attendance, and lunch/snack operations.  This is a unique opportunity to set a strong example to our youth and to grow and realize their potential as upcoming employees and counselors!

*Traditional, Ultimate Sports & Wildcat Camps Only!

Camp Dates: Weekly, June 19-August 25

Ages: Boys and Girls Ages 14-15

Fees: 50% of regular camp fee


CITs must attend all Insports training

Must be able to work AT LEAST 2 weeks throughout the summer

Must fill out an application NO LATER than May 1, 2023.

Applicants will receive a call for an interview once the application is completed. 

Please note that not everyone interviewed for the program will be accepted.



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