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“Taking the Logical Approach to College, Not the Typical Approach.”

Getting your child into the right college, with the right opportunity, and at the right cost is hard. You don’t start this game at 0-0. Colleges begin with a big lead. They own the power. It’s our job to take back the power and be in control. We can help you do that.

But first, let me tell you how excited we are to partner with Hans Hanson- National College Advisor, Owner/ Founder of CollegeLogic, LLC.

Hans has worked with hundreds of students, athletes, and parents from across the country for many years helping them get college right and save college costs.

What does it mean to get college right? It means to graduate on-time with a meaningful degree, expanding the student’s perspective while enjoying a great experience, all without bankrupting the family finance.

Hans focuses on 5 essential keys for getting college right and saving college costs-

  • Visit the right colleges, meet the right people
  • Ask the right questions, answer their questions with insight
  • Understand your pathway to college success
  • Be involved with a knowledge-based strategic plan
  • Know how they do business and how the end-game is played

Hans eliminates your guesswork, shrinks your frustration, turns you into a knowledgeable parent, and sets you forward with a plan. It’s not easy, but it’s what he does!

Quit waiting (it doesn’t work) and get in the game now…see it for yourself.

Schedule a free consultation with Hans right now and get his CollegeLogic Email Scripts.

Stay tuned to our bi-monthly college educational webinars coming to you.

Getting into college and saving on college costs just got a whole lot easier!