If you
are a high school student-athlete who hopes to play at the next
level, this is a seminar you need to attend. On Tuesday, February
17th, Coach Wayne Mazzoni will tell you everything you
need to know in order to find the collegiate athletic program that is
right for you.
high school athletes take a passive approach when it comes to
recruiting, thinking that schools will come to them based on their
talent level. However, the reality is that most colleges lack the
resources necessary to conduct a nation-wide search and as a result,
can’t effectively sort through the millions of athletes playing your
Mazzoni’s Get Recruited seminar
teaches student-athletes and their parents how to get the most out of
the college recruiting process by handling it similar to a job
search. Some of the things participants will learn include:
  • How
    to target and evaluate schools based on academics, athletics, and
    personal preferences.
  • How
    to create packages to effectively market the athlete to the targeted
  • Clarification
    of recruiting rules and how to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • How
    to use athletics to increase admission chances and maximize
  • Preparing
    for life in college – academically, athletically, and socially.
Mazzoni is an assistant baseball coach at Sacred Heart University and
a nationally recognized leader in the college athletic recruiting
process. The Get Recruited seminar
has been delivered at more than 300 schools in the tri-state area and
has helped countless high school athletes find the college that is
right for them.
Get Recruited seminar
at Insports will take place on Tuesday February 17th
at 7:00 PM. All athletes grades 8-12 are encouraged to attend.
Registration is $95 per athlete if signed up before February 1st,
and $125 per athlete after. For more information on this session,
click here or call Insports at (203) 268-1214.