Despite New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and live healthier, dealing with the cold can put the brakes on our desire to get moving. Winter weather forces countless animals into hibernation, and it often does the same to humans. Don’t let it – use these tips to help you combat the cold this season.

Exercise Outside

The first snowfall or sub-zero day doesn’t have to signify the end of running season. If you prefer to exercise outdoors, cold weather shouldn’t stop you. It’s perfectly safe to exercise outside during the winter, just make sure to take these precautions.

Get A Gym Membership

Cold weather is the perfect excuse to enroll at your local gym. If you can afford it, many facilities offer memberships starting at $10 per month, and will provide you with all of the tools and equipment you will ever need.

Workout At Home

If you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership or exercise outside in the cold weather, you can still break a sweat from the comfort of your own living room. A quick Google search for “workouts you can do at home” will yield thousands of results, like this article from Men’s Fitness.

Join A Sports League

If weightlifting and push ups aren’t your cup of tea, consider joining a sports league. Playing sports are a great way to stay active without feeling like you are dragging yourself through a workout. Insports Centers is an indoor facility, which allows us to provide leagues, clinics, and tournaments all year long.

Insports Centers is located in Trumbull, Connecticut. Our 110,000 square foot facility is home to the area’s largest indoor turf field, as well as multiple hardwood courts. This allows us to accommodate all types of sports such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, dodgeball and more. Visit our website to check out our year-round sports leagues for Fairfield, Connecticut.