Day has passed, and summer has unofficially started. If you are
planning on having some fun in the sun this season, make sure to do
it safely.
hospitalizes hundreds of thousands of people each year, and some estimate that 75% of Americans may be chronically dehydrated. When
our body loses more water than we take in, we begin to experience
dizziness, fatigue, fainting, and in the most severe cases, death.
cases of extreme dehydration are sports-related, but you don’t need
to be an athlete to drink more water. Use these tips to ensure you
are properly hydrated all summer long:
  • Keep drinks readily
    This summer, make
    it a point to have a water bottle with you wherever you go. Whether
    it is on a hike, to the beach, or just lounging in your backyard,
    have something to drink sitting at your side.
  • Drink when you feel
    The first sign of
    dehydration is a dry mouth, and it doesn’t need to feel like the
    Sahara Desert to indicate that you need to drink more. Taking just a
    couple of sips whenever you feel slightly parched can go a long way
    towards keeping you hydrated.
  • Water is best. When
    it comes to staying hydrated, drinking pure water is best. Sports
    drinks after a long workout are beneficial to replace your body’s
    electrolytes, but try avoiding other drinks such as soda, coffee and
    tea, and especially alcohol, which is severely dehydrating.
  • Eat your way to
    If you find it
    boring to drink that much water, you can eat your way to a
    well-hydrated body. Naturally hydrating foods include cucumbers,
    lettuce, and the appropriately-named watermelon.
  • Gauge your urine.
    The color of your urine is a
    great indicator of your body’s water level. Urine should be a pale
    yellow, if yours is dark, it is time to start drinking more.
  • Don’t drink too
    It is possible to drink
    too much water, and the results can sometimes be fatal.
    Over-hydration can reduce your blood sodium concentration, causing
    excess fluid to move to your brain cells. If you find yourself in
    the bathroom every fifteen minutes, it is safe to cut down on your
    water intake.
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