Summer camp is the perfect place to help children escape the stress and burdens of school and develop into resilient young adults. These camps force children to put down the iPods, cell phones, and gadgets that disconnect them from the world and thus offer opportunities to grow mentally and physically.

The following are benefits summer camps have on children.

  • Form new relationships. Children develop friendships with fellow camp goers who have similar interests, allowing them to connect on a sincere level.
  • Increase confidence. Your child may not be the best at every activity, but the feeling of achievement that comes with pushing yourself and overcoming an obstacle you would otherwise never have faced, is something that your child will be proud of.
  • Camps provide an outlet. Your child may not have the easiest time in school. At camps, your child can escape that baggage and enjoy the opportunity to interact with other kids who have the same interests.
  • Exercise frees the brain and makes you happy. It has been proven that exercising creates a feeling of happiness. Being active allows you to free your mind of unnecessary stresses and focus on the now.

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