are what you eat.
It’s an
age-old adage that still holds true today, especially for those who
play sports.
you are looking to maximize your athletic potential, poor nutrition
can destroy the hard work you put in at the gym. In order for your
body to recover from intense workouts and maintain high levels of
energy, it is essential that you eat the right foods.
is often the most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle, and
it isn’t made any easier if you have a busy life. When we are given
time to prepare a meal, we are more likely to make good choices –
it is when we are on the go and pressed for time that we turn to junk
you are looking for a healthy snack that won’t interfere with your
busy lifestyle, try one of these five grab-and-go foods.


are nature’s grab-and-go snacks. After all, they are already
prepackaged in a biodegradable wrapper for you to take on the go
(although we still recommend you throw the skin out). Grab a banana
before heading off to the gym or going on a long run; it is packed
with carbohydrates and potassium to provide energy and ward off


yogurt is perfect for a small breakfast or a post-lunch dessert.
Plain greek yogurt may not taste as good as the fruit varieties, but
it can shave off up to 15 grams of sugar per serving. No matter what
kind you choose, you will be getting a healthy dose of protein – a
whopping 14 grams or more!


handful of nuts is a healthy way to curb your appetite. They are a
little high in calories, but that is because they are loaded with
heart-healhy fats and proteins. Peanuts, almonds, and pistachios are
all great choices for a quick snack.


you know that the protein found in eggs is widely-considered to be
the best protein on the planet? In fact, the measurement of a food’s
protein quality (also known as its biological value) is compared to eggs,
which are given the perfect score of a 100. Eggs are also a good
source of healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins which many people
are deficient in.


a couple of slices of your favorite deli meat (chicken and turkey
work best), top it with a slice of low-fat cheese, roll it up, and
enjoy! This snack takes literally seconds to make and provides plenty
of protein with minimal fat and no carbs.
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