pain, no gain. This adage holds true in many aspects of life, but the
gym generally isn’t one of them. Sure, it’s a good thing to feel
muscular exhaustion at the end of a set, but that’s not the kind of
pain we are talking about. We’re talking about the strains, tears,
dislocations, and muscle pulls that end in a trip to the doctor’s
injuries can happen to anyone – from the first-time novice all the
way to even the most experienced of lifters. This doesn’t mean that
injuries are inevitable though, here is what you can do to avoid
Knowledge is Power
perform an exercise that you don’t know how to do. With the seemingly
infinite amount of online resources available to new lifters, you
should always know proper technique for an exercise before you
attempt it. Many gyms offer a free personal training session when you
sign up, take advantage of this by learning from a pro.
Warm Up and Cool Down
human body typically doesn’t respond well when you abruptly start and
end high-intensity, strenuous exercise. Before jumping into a
workout, get your blood flowing with a light warm up, whether it be
jumping rope or riding the stationary bike for five minutes. Always
stretch after your warm up and again after your workout; it will help
increase your flexibility, prevent injury, and reduce muscle
Focus on Form
all of us are guilty of lifting with our egos – that is, putting
more weight on the bar than we probably should and compromising good
form as a result of it. If you find yourself rocking your body for
momentum or only doing half-reps, you aren’t just cheating yourself,
you’re also putting yourself in harm’s way. Stay safe and lift with
strict form, even if it means taking some weight off the bar.
Don’t Overdo It
If some
is good, more isn’t always necessarily better, especially when it
comes to the gym. There is a such thing as over-training, and it’s
more common than you probably think. If you are participating in
intense workouts more than four times a week, you’d better make sure
that your diet is in check and you are getting enough rest, otherwise
you will burn yourself out.
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