As a
dedicated athlete, you are always looking for a way to get ahead of
the competition. Whether it is two-a-day practices, studying the
playbook, or spending extra time in the film room, you are willing to
do whatever it takes to get the competitive edge.
What if
we told you that you don’t need to be slaving away in the weight room
in order to build muscle? What if you could do it from the comfort of
your own bed?
like a cheesy infomercial, right? Well, the truth is that it’s very
possible to build muscle in your sleep – literally.

Eat Your Way to Muscle
Gains Overnight

before bed has gained a bad reputation in the fitness community, but
it’s nothing more than a widespread misconception. The common belief
is that any food consumed after about 8:00 pm magically turns into
fat, however this could not be further from the truth.
to Men’s Fitness, your body’s muscle-building capabilities peak twice
during the day: once after your workout then again during deep sleep.
During the REM sleep cycle, your body releases its largest surge of
growth hormone, so if you have a sufficient amount of protein in your
system, you can capitalize on this spike and maximize your muscle

So What Should You Eat?

expect to put down a Big Mac and large fry before going to bed and
wake up looking like the Incredible Hulk. Eating the right foods is
essential in order for this process to work; you will want to choose
a relatively low-calorie meal comprised mainly of protein. Whenever
possible, choose the slower-digesting casein protein instead of whey
protein to further maximize your gains.
good pre-bed meals include:
  • 4
    oz. of chicken or turkey with an 8-oz. glass of milk.
  • 1
    cup of low-fat cottage cheese with a scoop of natural peanut butter.
  • Can
    of tuna with 1 TBSP olive oil.
  • 1
    scoop casein protein powder with low-fat milk.
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