How much time do you spend in the gym every week? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend hours upon hours in the weight room to get jacked, you just need to make the most out of your time.

If you have a busy lifestyle, you can still get in a great workout in under an hour. Just use these four pieces of advice to make your sessions more efficient.

Focus on compound lifts.

When it comes to efficient training, compound lifts are king. Compound exercises stimulate multiple muscle groups at once, allowing you to do more in less time. Your workout routine should be built around compound lifts (such as the bench press, squat, and deadlift) with some isolation exercises thrown in at the end.

Time your rest periods.

In this day and age when most of us are attached to our cell phones, we can easily spend 3-5 minutes dillydallying in between our sets. This doesn’t sound like much, but three minutes of rest in between every set can add an hour to your workout very quickly. For most exercises, one minute of rest is plenty of time, so keep a stopwatch handy and get to work!

Start super-setting.

Instead of timing your rest periods, eliminate them altogether with super sets. “Super setting” is going straight from one exercise to another with no rest in between. In addition to shaving minutes off of your workouts, super setting keeps your heart rate high and helps you burn more calories.

Keep it moving.

When you step into the gym, have a sense of urgency. Tell yourself, “I am going to be out of here in X amount of minutes,” and stick to your goal. If someone is using the piece of equipment that you need, that’s okay. Instead of standing around and waiting for them to finish their sets, skip ahead to your next exercise and come back after.

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