season is here, and it is time to show your coaches, teammates, and
opponents just how much better you’ve gotten since last season ended.
For those truly dedicated to their sport, there is no such thing as
an offseason, just long days of hard training.
the season rolls around, the last thing you want to do is lose the
size and strength that you worked so hard to put on over the spring
and summer. But lifting during the season is tough – the practices
are long and sometimes more than once per day, and during the free
time you do have, your body is still recovering.
it is very important that you lift weights during the season in order
to maintain your strength. It is nearly impossible to keep the volume
and intensity of your off-season training program, so you will need
to switch it up. Here are some key qualities that your in-season
training program should encompass:
  • Low volume. Football
    is not a contact sport, it is a collision sport. Your body gets beat
    up during the games and practices, so you will need to cut back on
    volume in order to ensure proper recovery.
  • Compound exercises.
    By sticking to the basic,
    compound exercises, you can train multiple muscle groups in a
    minimum amount of sets. This will help you retain strength, while
    getting you in and out of the gym in as little time as possible.
  • Total-body workouts.
    You should incorporate total
    body workouts for the same reason you should stick to compound
    exercises. It will help you adequately stimulate your muscles
    without spending hours in the weight room, and it ensures that all
    of your muscle groups receive the same amount of attention, even if
    you skip some days at the gym.
is a sample program using these key principles, assuming that Friday
is game day.
– 3×8
– 3×5
Press – 5×5
Cleans – 3×5
Press – 3×8
Chin Ups – 3×5
Squats – 3×8
Bench Press – 3×8
Over Rows – 3×8
allows your body 48-hours of rest before and after every game, and
will help you to retain your strength throughout the duration of the
season while spending no more than 2 hours per week in the weight
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