are three vital components to any successful workout program:
training, nutrition, and rest. If you are looking to enhance your
athletic ability, these three factors are equally important, but they
generally aren’t treated as such.
knows how important training is, and some people know how important
nutrition is, but adequate rest is generally an afterthought. In an
age where the common thought process is, “the
more I train, the better I will get,

it is easy for proper rest to get overlooked.
Many people think sleeping 10+ hours per day makes you lazy and hurts
your training regimen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
In addition to muscle recovery, proper sleep also promotes mental
health and hormonal balance. In fact, many famous athletes – such
as LeBron James and Roger Federer – admit to sleeping 12 hours
every night.
Researchers at FatigueScience have put together this infographic to
help highlight the importance of sleep in an athlete’s training
schedule. Some key stats include:
  • Sleep deprivation can slow your metabolism
  • Sleep improves ability to make split-second decisions
  • A 20-30 minute power nap improves alertness by 100%
  • Maximum bench press drops by 20 pounds after 4 days of restricted
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