offers more than just a variety of surfaces to play sports on – we
have something for everyone to enjoy. Our 100,000+ square foot
facility is filled with entertainment options, no matter what your
interests are. Even our most frequent guests seem to find something
new every time they come back. Here are just some of the things you
can find under the Insports roof:

Momentum Turf Field
is home to the largest indoor turf field in the area. With dimensions
of 320′ x 170′ and state-of-the-art Momentum 41 synthetic turf (the
same kind used on Trumbull High School’s field), this field can
accommodate full-sized games of flag football, baseball, rugby,
soccer, lacrosse, and more.
partitions can be lowered from the roof in order to divide the
full-sized turf field into four smaller (170′ x 80′) pods. Doing this
allows Insports to maximize its space and for participants to
maximize their fun with fast-paced games. These pods are the perfect
size for birthday parties and smaller games of flag football,
lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, and field hockey.
Boarded Arena
proudly boasts Connecticut’s only dedicated, true box lacrosse field.
Our 170′ x 75′ boarded arena is complete with eight foot tempered
glass surrounding the entire field. This field can also be used for
soccer, football, field hockey, and more.
Hardwood Courts
If you
thought turf was the only playing surface we offered, think again. We
feature three hardwood courts, each measuring 84′ x 50′. Players will
enjoy participating in a variety of sports on the Maple Actionthrust
surface. Drop-down basketball hoops and in-ground net systems for
volleyball make these courts just as versatile as the turf field.
Players can also enjoy using the courts for badminton, dodgeball,
kickball and more.
Game On Bar & Grill
near the lobby, Game On Bar & Grill serves as the hub of
Insports. Players and spectators alike can enjoy the food, drinks,
and alcoholic beverages served here. Our bar also features clear
views to the basketball courts and boarded arenas, so guests will be
able to cheer on their family and friends. If college and
professional sports are more your speed, watch your favorite teams
compete on our flat-screen televisions.
Multipurpose Rooms
We have
multipurpose rooms which can be rented out for anything from birthday
parties to business meetings. The versatile space can be customized
to fit a variety of needs. Insports uses these rooms to offer a range
of after-school programs including CPR training, SAT prep courses,
art classes, and tae kwon do instruction. When not booked, these
rooms frequently serve as a place for coaches to meet with their
players and for kids to finish their homework while waiting for their