little over one year ago, we started our official blog – our first post was to announce the registration for our 2014 summer camp. Since
then, we have posted 98 more articles covering topics from workout
tips to advice for high school student-athletes.
honor of our 100th blog post, we thought it would be fun
to take a trip down memory lane and look back at the most successful
articles we have published so far. Click on any of the headings to
read the full post.
earlier this month, we made this post to announce the opening of the
Trumbull Elite Sports Training facility inside of Insports. Headed by
some of the area’s most prestigious sports coaches and trainers,
T.E.S.T. is the go-to place for any athlete serious about taking
their game to the next level.
Many of
our followers are already aware of the various sports leagues and
instructional programs that we offer, but not many people know that
we can help local businesses too. From sponsorship opportunities to
corporate team building exercises, check out this article to learn
the many ways that your company can benefit from Insports.

what can we fit inside of our 100,000 square foot facility? Find out
in this article. We’ll give you a hint: it’s more than just turf
fields and hardwood courts – we have areas where you can grab a
bite to eat, host a business meeting, or have a beer and watch your
favorite team play.
the team that helps make all of the wonderful things we do possible.
From President/CEO Peter Corbett to Stephen Santorella, our Youth and
Family Programs Manager, get an inside look at the lives of our
company’s most important people – you’ll be surprised to learn
where some of them came from.
readers should applaud themselves. This article was only published
last month and has already become our most-read post from people
trying to become better students. It is filled with great tips for
any student-athlete who is as dedicated to improving their game in
the classroom as they are outside of it.
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