Insports Centers is proud to announce the addition of three new youth programs: Wildcats Ages 2-6, Champions Grades 1-6, and Randy Taylor Golf. Today, we’re putting the Wildcats in the spotlight. For full sessions details, see the following:

Wildcats Ages 2-6

Locomotor Madness- Jaguars (Gross Motor Skill)
In this session, each child will participate in movement activities focused on improving their development of body awareness. Locomotor Madness focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and balance in a fun and social environment. To register, click here.

Wildcat Play at Insports- Jaguars/ Cheetahs
Insports provides the space and equipment for your child during this Free Play session. Allow your little one to explore and express themselves. Each play session runs two hours long and the price per child is $8.00 per hour. Parent participation is not required and you should feel free to stay as long as you want! To register, click here.

smALL Sports- Tigers/ Lions (All Sport)
This session is made specially for those Wildcats that can’t get enough sports! Each week is dedicated to a specific sport, allowing participants to experience a wide variety and keep things interesting. Sports include: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, and Track and Field. To register, click here.

Hot Shots- Tigers/ Lions (Soccer)
Hot Shots offers developmental soccer classes to the Wildcats. Particpants will play organized games and develop listening skills, balance, ball skills, and foot-eye coordination. Hot Shots has something to offer children of all skill levels. To register, click here.

Diamond Stars- Tigers/ Lions (T-Ball/ Baseball)
This session gives Wildcats a chance to learn and improve baseball skills. Participants will learn to catch, field groundballs and pop-ups, run the bases, and even hit homeruns! Insports provides a safe environment for your child to learn the old time American classic, baseball. To register, click here.

Lax Cats- Tigers/ Lions (Lacrosse)
This session is an introductory class to the sport of lacrosse for both boys and girls. Insports facility is home to one of Connecticut’s largest turf fields, making it the perfect place for your little ones to learn the ins and outs of lacrosse. Participants will learn fundamentals of the sport and practice the necessary skills needed to excel in the game. To register, click here.

It’s never too soon to get your child involved in athletics. Whether it be competitive or recreational, Insports helps to give your child a safe and fun place to express themselves and make friends. Don’t forget, we’re now live on social media! Connecting with us has never been easier.  Like us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and connect with us on Google+ to stay up to date on the latest Trumbull community news and future Insports events.