offers several instructional programs specially designed to meet the
needs of children of all ages. These programs encompass an
educational focus, but also emphasize skill development, teamwork,
and fitness. Kids are grouped by age and ability to ensure their
needs are met. These programs are open to children between the ages
of two and fifteen and a variety of sports are available to choose
from. Parents are also allowed to participate in select “parent and
me” programs. Details on our programs can be viewed below or more
in depth on our website.

Wildcat Program: Ages 2-6
various programs under our Wildcat package introduce young children
to the great world of sports. These programs are:
  • Pint-sized
    players: Ages 2-4
      will be introduced to the sports of basketball, volleyball, floor
      hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and t-ball. These classes are designed to
      increase motor skill development, coordination, and balance. It is
      also a great way for your kids to naturally learn socialization,
      sharing, following directions, and taking turns.
  • Diamond
    Stars: Ages 4-6
      baseball skills will be improved as they learn how to catch, throw,
      field groundballs and pop-ups, run bases, and hit.
  • Lax
    Cats: Ages 4-6
      introductory lacrosse class gives boys and girls the fundamental
      skills needed to play lacrosse.
  • Soccer
    Cats: Ages 2-6
      child will learn things such as ball skills and foot-eye
      coordination by playing structured mini-games with a focus on the
      specific skill being taught.
  • Small
    Sports and Adaptive All Sports: Ages 4-6
      two programs both expose kids to multiple sports, focusing on
      learning one each session. These take non-competitive approaches
      and encourage kids to be active and have fun.
Champion Program: Grade
champion programs are focused on developing skills for elementary and
middle school-aged children in the sport of your choice. We offer the
following programs:
  • Basketball
      will participate in drills to develop specific skills such as
      rebounding, passing, and dribbling. Then they will put this
      practice into action by playing in a controlled 30 minute game
      after each session.
  • Soccer
      your soccer star in shape during the offseason. These classes will
      let your child improve their ball skills so that they can stay
      sharp and be ready for the upcoming season.
  • Flag
      will learn the rules of flag football as well as basic plays and
      skills through games and drills. Scrimmages will be held for kids
      to put their skills to the test after learning the basics.
  • Lax
      session will involve time allotted to drills and learning followed
      by an exciting game putting these newly-learned skills to use.
  • Volleyball
      instructional league will develop participants’ volleyball skills
      using both drills and live gameplay.
Additionally, we offer these clinics and special leagues:
  • Momentum
    Lax Academy
  • Youth
    Passing League
  • Girls
    Basketball Skills and Drills Clinic
  • Boys
    Basketball Skills and Drills Clinic
learn more about these programs, call 203-268-1214 or visit our website.