Centers is a place where people of all ages can come to play their
favorite sport. The goal of our facility is to promote health and
wellness in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment. To ensure that
everyone has an enjoyable experience, we ask our guests to adhere to
the following guidelines.

  • All
    league and youth instructional program participants must have a
    valid Insports membership.
  • Memberships
    can be purchased for $35 for individuals and $55 for families.
  • Memberships
    are valid for one full calendar year.
  • All
    participants must sign and submit the Insports waiver prior to
    facility use.
  • All
    groups and teams must have a responsible person age 21 or older
    present during all activities.
  • The
    Insports waiver can be viewed and downloaded here.
  • All
    league participants must have a valid Insports membership.
  • All
    players must scan their membership cards at the front desk before
    each game.
  • Each
    team must have a captain. The team captain is responsible for
    relaying the rules to their team, as well as for the actions of
    their team.
  • Every
    team must completely pay the team fee by the start of their second
    game, or they will be forced to forfeit.
Open Play
  • Insports
    will post an official Open Play schedule every two weeks. The times
    designated on this schedule are the only Open Play hours throughout
    the week.
  • Open
    Play is $10 for members and $20 for non-members (non-refundable).
  • You
    must be 18 years or older to participate in Adult Open Play.
  • All
    players under age 9 participating in Youth Open Play must be
    accompanied by an adult.
  • Unsportsmanlike
    behavior will not be tolerated.
Playing Areas
  • All
    participants must wear proper clothing and equipment. Shirts are
  • Cleats
    are encouraged on our turf fields, but any mud or dirt must be
    cleaned off prior to use.
  • Only
    flat-soled shoes are allowed on the hardwood courts.
  • Participants
    must remove all jewelry from their body and all items from their
  • Food
    (including gum and candy) and spitting are prohibited from playing
  • Hanging
    from basketball rims and nets is prohibited.
  • Throwing
    objects against walls, bleachers, lights, etc. is prohibited.
Prohibited Items and
  • Tobacco
  • Outside
    food and beverages
  • Animals
  • Chewing
    gum and candy (playing surfaces only)
  • Physical
    or verbal altercations
list highlights some of our rules and is not comprehensive. To view
all of our visitor policies, please click here.
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