Fall 2014 Youth Programs registration is now OPEN! Each session begins on Tuesday, September 2nd! Please see below for more information:

Ages: 2-6
Ages 2-4
Tuesday mornings, 10:00AM- 10:40AM
Classes are designed to increase motor skill development, coordination and balance. Early socialization, sharing, and taking turns, following directions and cooperating. Your child will enjoy basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and t-ball. (parent participation is required)
Ages 2-4
Thursday mornings, 10:00AM- 10:40AM
Mini All Stars introduces children to the game of baseball and works to develop skills such as throwing, fielding, hitting, and base running.  (parent participation is required)
Ages 4-6
Monday afternoon, 4:15PM-5:00PM
Hot Shots offers developmentally appropriate soccer classes providing a space where children can play games together to further develop listening skills, balance, ball skills and foot-eye coordination. The progressive environment of Hot Shots offers a place for children at every skill level.
Ages 4-6
Tuesday afternoons, 4:15PM- 5:00PM
Diamond Stars gives your child a chance to learn and improve baseball skills such as throwing, catching, fielding groundballs and pop-ups, running the bases, and hitting homeruns.
Ages 4-6
Wednesday Afternoons, 4:15PM-5:00PM
This beginner class introduces lacrosse to boys and girls, focusing on the fundamentals and important skills necessary to succeed.
Ages 4-6
Thursday afternoons, 4:15PM- 5:00PM
This class allows Wildcats to participate in all sports. Each week will be dedicated to a specific sport including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey, volleyball, and track and field. Through our non-competitive approach, all participants will be playing for fun while playing to learn.
Ages 4-6
Friday afternoons, 4:15PM- 5:00PM
These classes include social games, like wiffleball, kickball, Dodgeball, and toms of other pastime favorites. After a few classes, your child will be king or queen of the neighborhood!
Ages 2-5
Wednesday and Friday mornings, 10:00AM- 12:00PM
Allow your child to utilize our amazing facility! We provide the equipment and space that your child needs to have fun. (parents must stay with child. Each session runs for 2 hours. $8.00 per child, per hour)

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