Measure your speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness (SPARQ) by participating in 5 drills and tests: Body weight, 40- yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, and power ball toss. SPARQ is slightly tailored to each specific sport but are also available for general athleticism. Enroll your high school team or come solo!

SPARQ rating gives each athlete an on-the-spot athletic assessment and helps to identify target areas of improvement in the offseason. The testing results can also be sent to college coaches for recruiting purposes!

The SPARQ test is slightly tailored to each specific sport. Currently, the test is available for general athleticism, baseball, fast pitch softball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, football and lacrosse.

The testing elements are as follows:

Speed: Speed is measured in the 40 yard dash, a short burst of linear speed measuring acceleration.

Vertical Jump: This test combines vertical jump and acceleration. SPARQ combines your vertical jump height with an accurate measurement of your weight to reveal lower-body peak power.

Agility Shuttle: This test measures the ability of an athlete to maintain body control through rapid changes of direction at high speeds, side-to-side quickness, and agility.

Powerball Toss: The measurement of an athletes ability to generate explosive power from the core that transfers through the arms and legs. This test will determine how powerful an athlete is.

Yo-Yo Intermittent recover Test (YIRT): This test mimics the endurance necessary for the start-stop-recover-start action common in every sport. Max Touch is a basketball specific test that measures height and wingspan with explosive leg power and coordinated jumping mechanics.

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